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Close More Treatment at Consults Using PreVu
(a cosmetic simulation & smile design software)

Patients accept elective and high-cost dental treatment based on emotion. And patients get emotional when they see how their appearance will improve and imagine the better quality of life they may have if they choose to undergo treatment, such as implants, orthodontics or full smile makeovers.

With PreVu, your assistant or treatment coordinator can quickly create digital smile makeovers—in less than 90 seconds—that will help your consults stand apart from those being done at other practices and increase case acceptance.

PreVu Awarded Best Product

1          2          3          4          5 
Quality of training and
support from company
Ease of use of software
Increase in patient
understanding of treatment
Increase in patient acceptance
Increase in patients
considering treatment
Enhances practice image
Patient response/satisfaction

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full product evaluation.

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