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All-Inclusive Pricing,
Built to Get You Results. 

Unlock Unlimited Success with PreVu   !


  • PreVu surpasses subscription plans with an exclusive 12-month powerhouse package, ensuring swift ROI and seamless integration into workflows.

  • PreVu stands out as a direct revenue generator, distinct from other software costs (e.g., PMS, data analytics, diagnostics, and treatment planning), ensuring it pays for itself.

  • Functioning as a sales tool, PreVu boosts both gross revenue and bottom line by motivating patients to confidently accept more profitable fee-for-service treatments.


Subscription Plan Highlights:

  • Unlimited simulations

  • Unlimited team users

  • Unlimited doctor users

  • Unlimited workstation downloads

  • Practice-branded simulations for print or encrypted email

  • Generate utilization reports

  • Unlimited customer support (phone, email, remote access)

  • Unlimited tech support (phone, email, remote access)

  • Real-time software updates

Bundled with Exclusive Benefits:

  • New User Setup and Onboarding: Start strong with personalized onboarding to kick-start your PreVu journey.

  • Access to Our Smile Design Team: Receive 10 simulation credits to engage our Smile Design Team from day one for consultations already on the schedule, with a rapid turnaround time of 45 minutes or less.

  • Coaching: Your team's mastery is a catalyst for success and financial growth.

    • Benefit from live one-on-one coaching with your practice for seamless software implementation, optimized case sales, and maximum revenue generation.

    • Learn to create the emotional connection between your patients and their new lives, get more patients interested in high-value treatment, and close more consults.

  • Continuous 24/7 Updates on team progress via dedicated dashboard.

  • Dedicated Implementation Coach: Your success is our priority. Enjoy the support of a dedicated accountability coach throughout the year.

Marketing for Big CasesCalculate your ROI and see how much money you are leaving on the table.
Not sure if PreVu is right for you? Schedule an online discovery call and demo.

All-Inclusive Price:


(Breakdown: $421/month, paid annually)

Bonus Inclusions:


Exclusive Group Coaching Opportunities

Join our exclusive group coaching sessions tailored for dentists and treatment coordinators. Develop and refine the necessary skills to help you overcome challenges faced in high-value consults.


Comprehensive Support

It is challenging to implement new technology into a practice. From onboarding to implementation support, we're with you every step of the way.


Unlock unlimited potential with coaching, scripting, and protocols, all included at just $421 per month when paid annually.


Rapid ROI

The software pays for itself. This package is designed for swift returns, ensuring you see the benefits from day one.


Limited Monthly Plan

Whitening Only

Immerse Yourself in the PreVu Experience

Kick-start your smile transformations with our Teeth Whitening simulation, powered by our proprietary SmileAI™ technology:

  • Immediate access. Start creating simulations today!

  • See for yourself why PreVu is the fastest, easiest way to create simulations for case acceptance.

  • Monthly plan that you can cancel at any time.

  • Unlimited teeth-whitening simulations.


All-Inclusive 12-Month Plan

PreVu Essentials

Unlock the Power of PreVu to Maximize Case Acceptance

With PreVu, your team can effortlessly craft stunning digital smile makeovers in about one minute (30-90 seconds).

Boost your practices' bottom line with unlimited simulations

  • Enhance post consult closure rates.

  • Drive patient interest in high-value cosmetic, reconstructive, and fee-for-service cases.

  • Build a robust pipeline of lucrative cases.


See renewal plans below

Unlimited Tech Support

Whether you have a general question or would like us to help with a specific simulation, book a tech support session right in your user dashboard.


Real-Time Software Updates

PreVu is always evolving. The most recent version is only a click away.

How to Take an Ideal Before Photo

The best PreVu shows patients the issues affecting their smiles and motivates them to seek treatment. Discover how to convert your “before” photo into a motivational tool.


Save 20% with Annual Billing

Single User

  • Unlimited simulations

  • Unlimited workstation downloads

  • All auto-assist simulation buttons and toolbox

  • Account admin user

  • One doctor user

  • One team member user

  • Customized practice branding on print and email templates

  • Send simulations via encrypted email


Unlimited Users

  • Everything in the Premium plan

  • Unlimited doctor users

  • Unlimited team member users

  • Ability to create reports for tracking utilization and incentivizing your team


Not sure which renewal plan is right for you? Contact client services.


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